The most common types of parquet are strip parquet, parquet boards, mosaic parquet and ready-to-lay parquet. They can be laid on flooring joists, soft fibre insulating boards or floating mastic asphalt screed as well as other screeds.

Parquet floors are warm underfoot, elastic, durable and sensitive to moisture. They can be oiled, waxed or sealed.

The natural properties of the natural materials are largely retained if the surface is not sealed and alternatively treated with drying oils and possibly an additional wax layer. These floor coverings help regulate the room climate on account of the structure of the natural materials.

Note: the joint edge areas of ready-to-lay parquet are very sensitive to moisture and thus swelling. The floor coverings should thus only be cleaned and cared for moist (well-wrung mop) and never wet. Avoid puddles and standing water on the surfaces at all times.

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