Basic cleaning: emsal Power Cleaner can be heavily diluted in water and used for extremely stubborn dirt, e.g. after renovation work. Check that the seal is waterproof beforehand. Wipe over moist.

Initial treatment: use emsal Perfect Shine on sealed parquet floors to improve the cleaning and care properties. The optical look of the matt surface changes and becomes shiny. We recommend that emsal Parquet be applied once undiluted for long-lasting, intensive protection. Avoid standing water at all times.
Apply emsal Parquet undiluted once on oiled and waxed parquet floors; this ensures optimum protection for the surface thanks to its impregnating effect and prevents greying. Avoid standing water at all times.

Everyday cleaning and care: wipe over moist with emsal Parquet (2 caps) to provide optimum care for your parquet floor. Wipe over moist with emsal Care Cleaner (2 caps) for light cleaning.

Pay attention to the floor manufacturer's cleaning and care instructions.

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