Laminate coverings consist of a wear layer (deco paper steeped in melamine resin), a carrier layer (HDF, MDF or particle board) and a counteracting paper (balance paper or counteracting laminate). All of the aforementioned materials are either pressed in one operation during its manufacture (CPL laminate) or the wear layer is first pressed separately and then pressed again with the carrier and counteracting layer (HPL laminate).

Laminate coverings are hard wearing and are largely resistant to scratches, impacts and pressure.

Note: the joint edge areas of laminated floors are very sensitive to moisture. Penetrating water can cause the underlying carrier layer to swell. This swelling becomes visible in the area of the joint edges and normally remains as permanent damage. The floor coverings should thus only be cleaned and cared for moist (well-wrung mop) and never wet. Avoid puddles and standing water on the surfaces at all times.

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