FAQ - Vinyl & PVC

1. I have used glossy floor care products for my PVC floors for many years. It doesn’t look very nice any longer now, especially in the areas where we don’t walk about very much.

If you regularly treat a PVC floor with gloss-producing compounds, then this eventually leads to the formation of layers that need to be removed at regular intervals. You can do this with emsal Power Cleaner. (Note on basic cleaning: see “Tips and Tricks on Intensive Treatment”) 

2. The floor at my son’s nursery school is wonderfully shiny. I’ve got PVC flooring in my kitchen which I’d love to bring up to the same level of shininess. However, I’m concerned that my child might slip on such an extremely shiny floor.

A PVC or linoleum floor treated with a high-gloss floor care product is no more slippery than a floor that doesn’t shine at all. Basically, if a floor is still wet or if people have walked around with wet shoes, then this increases the danger of slipping. Before letting people walk on it, it is therefore important to ensure that the floor is completely dry. And if at all possible, try not to walk on such floors with wet shoes.

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