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emsal product ingredients are well selected and chosen for their efficiency. Because emsal products do not only deliver efficient cleaning to your floors and surfaces but also care and protection against daily wear and tear, for each product category an individually working formula is developed. This way your floors and surfaces are kept looking new and beautiful for longer.

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Natural protection against dirt.

Nature sets a good example: A ladybird is always clean, and the same principle is also applied by emsal in the BIOSAN® care formula. BIOSAN® is based a 100% on renewable raw materials. BIOSAN® uses Chitosan as an organic active ingredient – a compound that improves the cleanability of your floor. Dirt does not attach itself as stubbornly to the floor and is therefore easier to remove.

The emsal Care Cleaner contains BIOSAN®.


Natural impregnation against wetness and stains.

Bionics – Nature sets a perfect example: The leaf of a water lily provides the best possible surface protection, as the water simply runs off its surface. This is also the underlying principle of the emsal BIOPROTECT care formula. Effective surface protection is provided by a special combination of bionically impregnating active ingredients. Dirt is repelled and any moisture-sensitive joints are protected against undesirable swelling.

Parquet Laminate S&T Vinyl


The emsal Laminate antistatic formula against dust adhesion.

Daily running with socks or slippers causes the surface of a laminate floor to become electrostatically charged. Due to the static charge of the laminate floor, suspended particles are attracted to the room air, which then adhere to the floor. The emsal antistatic-formula prevents the build up of electrostatic charge. Every time you wipe your floor, the emsal antistatic formula neutralizes the plastic surface and removes the static charge. This makes it easier to clean the floor and keeps it clean for longer! Without building-up layers.