1. My sealed parquet floor looks rather lustreless by now. What can I do to make it look beautiful again?

There are several options for fully sealed parquet floors: If you want to give it a special shine, then the ideal product is emsal Perfect Shine. This product can be either diluted in the cleaning water or it can be used undiluted.

If the parquet has been subject to a lot of wear and tear, then it no longer has any ideal protection against stains and moisture. emsal Parquet has an impregnating effect which protects the wood from moisture. This effect is enhanced by the subsequently regular use of the product in diluted form.

2. I’ve got pre-finished parquet flooring which is highly sensitive. How can I prevent it from swelling at the joints?

Joints and edges are major weak points in pre-finished parquet flooring? This makes it particularly important to ensure that your cloth is no more than slightly damp. Whenever you apply emsal Parquet to pre-finished parquet, it has an impregnating and thus protective effect.

3. My parquet is not sealed but oiled, and it’s looking rather grey now. How did this effect come about?

Whenever you wipe an oiled parquet floor, you remove some of the oil. Eventually this process causes the parquet to turn grey. Depending on the amount of wear and tear, we would also recommend oiling your parquet at regular intervals, so that the oil can be soaked up properly by the wood. In addition, you can protect the surface with emsal Parquet. In the case of older parquet, the floor can be renewed by abrasion and re-oiling. When applying emsal Parquet in undiluted form to older parquet, the impregnating effect on the surface provides ideal protection and prevents it from turning grey. For the purpose of regular cleaning and after your parquet has been freshly oiled, simply add emsal Parquet to the cleaning water.

4. Can I also treat my sealed parquet flooring with emsal Parquet?

emsal Parquet ideally supplements the effect of wood seals: its regular use in the cleaning water impregnates the wooden surface, making it less sensitive to stains and moisture.

5. My sealed parquet keeps showing streaks and marks. What can I do about it?

The marks are mostly caused by footwear. The shinier the parquet, the clearly these marks are visible and cannot ultimately be prevented altogether while your floor is in use. The first thing to try is to polish off the marks with a dry cloth. Dark rubber and sole marks can be rubbed off with a vinyl eraser. If this isn’t enough, put some highly diluted emsal Power Cleaner in water and wipe the parquet vigorously with a slightly dampened cloth. Follow this up with the regular protective use of emsal Parquet.