1. I keep getting streaks on my laminate floors. How can I avoid this?

Streak formation is often due to the wipes that have been used. For instance, microfibre cloths are often too moist when they’re used, which leads to marks when drying the floor. Sometimes it is helpful simply to use a different wipe, e.g. made of cotton. We would also recommend wiping in the direction in which the laminate was laid. Also, streak formation can be caused by overdosing. To avoid residues, stick to the recommended dosage of the product.

2. Can I use emsal Laminate undiluted?

No, you can’t. It is important that you should only use emsal Floor Cleaner diluted in water. The regular application of water with emsal added to it has a impregnating and thus protective effects on the joints and edges. Your cloth should be no more than slightly damp.

3. I want my laminate to shine. What should I do?

Avoid the use of any kind of shiny coating on laminate flooring. Any coating that has been added would need to be removed again in a thorough cleaning process after a certain period of time. However, such thorough cleaning is harmful for laminate flooring. For regular care and cleaning we recommend to use emsal Laminate

4. Can I use emsal Parquet on my laminate floors?

No, because this is a compound that contains wax. The wax does not produce any benefit on a laminate floor, but may lead to the formation of a greasy film. The best method is to use emsal Laminate diluted in the cleaning water, preferably right from the beginning, and to apply it with a slightly dampened cloth.